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Linking Training to Sales Results

Susan Pugel - TFS Training & Consulting, Inc

Building sales, increasing productivity, and creating consistent growth are the top priorities of platform programs. Management relies on training to build the skills and knowledge of the sales reps to meet these priorities, but what happens after the training? Does training produce the desired results? If not, what needs to be done to make training successful?

Successful training programs are based on the partnership of management, training and sales reps. The creation of a high impact training program links the roles of the partnership to a three-phase model that focuses on meeting the strategic goals of the individual and the program. The three-phase model is comprised of: creating focus before training, the actual training itself, and follow up support after training. Application of this high impact training model will result in achieving significant, positive results to any sales program.

The first phase is creating focus before training. What happens prior to training that makes it successful? It is crucial for management and sales reps to sit down and look at their individual goals and the goals of the program to create a plan that meets those goals. Creating a team environment that focuses on achieving the goals is vital to the success of high impact training. Once the direction and the goals are set, the next step is to decide what training fits the focus of the plan. By working with management, it is easier for the reps to focus on what needs to be known and done in order for training to create a positive impact on their individual sales goals and the goals of the program. When sales reps understand what they need to achieve from training and how it will be used to improve performance, they are actually more likely to apply what has been learned in ways that will increase business and sales.

The second phase of high impact training, is the training itself. In high impact training, all training is linked to the strategic goals of the program. Training is no longer learning just to learn, it is learning with a focused outcome. Training becomes powerful when it is built and presented to meet the goals and strategies of the rep and the program. High impact training achieves maximum impact by utilizing the components of content, practice, feedback and reflection to connect the dots between what is learned and the goals to be achieved.

What happens after the training? This is the third, and the most critical component of high impact training. What good is training if it is not supported afterward? Post training performance support through management and trainers validates what has been learned and applies learning to the goals of the program and the reps. The knowledge and skills learned in training are easily abandoned in the workplace when pressures at work put focus on immediate demands. Management should reinforce training for the sales reps by providing early and frequent opportunities to use what has been learned and give responsive feedback to motivate the reps. The link is clear between training and achieving sales success through the creation of a supportive environment through the teamwork of management and continued training. Performance support is a vital element that needs to be built into every training program.

The three-phase, high impact training process is a strategy that cannot be ignored or left to chance when utilizing training to increase sales and performance. Creating focus prior to training, providing training linked to goals, and post training support; it is only when these three components of the training process are used in combination that consistent performance and sales results can be assured.

TFS Training & Consulting, Inc is a premiere consulting and sales training company that has been at the forefront of the financial services industry for over 18 years. Partnering with financial institutions nationwide, we have built a solid reputation based on innovative training programs, unsurpassed service, and consistent support. With a proven track record of increasing sales in platform programs, TFS is committed to building your success. Your sales performance and productivity are paramount in the training programs we create for you.

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