The Value in Building Relationships

By Greg Salsbury
Institutional Marketing Group

Jackson National®'s Institutional Marketing Group (IMG) is proud of the successful partnerships we have established with financial institutions over the past 10 years. Our track record in the industry is in large part a direct result of the talent and dedication of our wholesaling team and the personalized service and support they provide. We arm our wholesalers with the sales training and educational programs that will help your representatives meet the challenges they are facing in today's changing environment. Financial institutions are IMG's only focus and as a result, we are consistently focused on one goal – to help financial institutions grow their businesses through financial product sales.

The Products You Want

With one wholesaling team representing a broad and competitive product line of fixed, fixed index and variable annuities, as well as life insurance, IMG has worked tirelessly to offer the products, training and support that are specific to your needs. For example, in addition to the growth of variable annuity sales, we're seeing a tremendous response to the value and protection that fixed index annuities offer to banking customers in today's marketplace. Jackson National has been attentive to this shift, and has developed a comprehensive training and certification program to help your representatives understand how these products work and the potential value they can add to your customers' portfolios.

The Partnership You Expect

We know that a successful partnership is so much more than offering the right product. The relationships you build with your customers before and after the sale is completed are just as important as providing them with the appropriate financial solution. To help your representatives maintain these valued customer relationships, we have developed a number of dedicated support tools.

The Dedicated Support You Need

Banking customers today are doing much of their own research to determine the best products for their financial needs. In concert with Jackson National's seminar development team, IMG is committed to assisting financial institution representatives with their seminar presentations. Our newest initiative "But What if I Live — The American Retirement CrisisSM", is a core component of our retirement education program. This multimedia presentation identifies seven key challenges baby boomers are facing as they approach retirement. The presentation also includes video testimonials from baby boomers, which offer a sobering look at some individuals who are currently facing retirement income challenges. After 10 years, our goal of helping you grow remains stronger than ever and we have the depth and talent to help move your program forward. We are successful because we know and understand the specific challenges you face and can offer the products and support that will ultimately allow you to focus on building the valued and trusted relationships that your customers desire.

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