Turn On Branch Referrals

Ask staff “Why is it important that we make referrals?”
It’s good for
• Client- benefits by learning about other product options
• Financial Center— increases client cross-sell ratio
• Bank— improves client retention and client loyalty
Briefly present a simple definition of a fixed annuity, Do NOT go into any product
Say: “I want to provide some information about the fixed annuity products I sell. It
is important to remember than non-licensed bank employees cannot discuss fixed annuity products or features with clients.”
An annuity is a contract between an insurance company and the purchaser. It provides
a fixed interest rate on a lump sum of money, and is not taxed until there is a withdrawl
or a distribution from it. It is generally purchased by persons accumulating assets for

Bring out cue cards.
• Say: “Referrals are good for everyone on the team. Here are some compliance- approved referral cue cards.”
• Hand out referral cue cards that include the following:
1. CUE: Who is worried about safety? Who is concerned about loss of principal?
Who is concerned about retiring?
STATEMENT: I’d like to introduce you to_______________. He/she has assisted
other clients with the same concerns.
2. CUE: Who is complaining about taxes? Who is carrying large balances?
STATEMENT: I’d like to introduce you to_______________. He/she may be able to
find options to fit your specific situation.
3. CUE: Who is complaining about low rates? Who is shopping for rates? Who is
rolling over CDs?
STATEMENT: I’d like to introduce you to_______________. He/she has assisted
other clients with the same needs.
4. CUE: Who owns or is asking about IRAs? Who brings in checks from other
banks? Who is making a large withdrawal or deposit from a premium account?
STATEMENT: You should speak with_________________, he/she can discuss
additional options.
And, just in case it's not a good time...:
If this is not a convenient time, I will give your name and number
to___________________so he/she can contact you later. What time is best for you?
Let me also provide you with___________’s business card.
• Read over the cue cards together, suggest places they can be pinned or taped out of view from clients, but within an easy glance.

Contest— Introduce the Compliance-approved Referral
Contest you’ve selected.

Approved Referral Contest Ideas:
• New Rep to a Financial Center:
In the first two weeks, wrap up "giveaways" from
strategic alliances and award one for each referral you receive.
•Referral Sprint: Hold a two-week sprint. Compete with one of your Financial
Center peers. Get goals from each participating FC and reward the financial center
with the highest percent of goal with a pizza lunch. Develop a competitive spirit.
• Poker Party: On Monday morning of the promotion week, have a quick coffee and
doughnut meeting with your team, and explain how the game works. Every time you
receive a qualified referral, the team member picks from a deck of cards. At the end of
the week, the employee with the best poker hand wins a prize. In your first meeting,
you may want to make sure everyone understands how poker works. Also, have several
prizes to choose from, and have prizes for at least first, second, and third places.
• Branch Parties: Reward the financial center with a pizza lunch, ice cream social,
etc., if the branch achieves its referral goal for the month.
• Referrals and Red Roses: One LBE awards referrals (in one day) with a long-
stemmed red rose in a vase with a thank you note.
• Hot Potato Game: Bring a wrapped gift to the office and put it on your desk. The
first referral of the day gets to put it on their desk, the next referral on their desk, etc.
At the end of the day, the person with the gift on their desk gets to keep the gift.
• Dinner On Me: Hold a weekly referral sprint. Names go in drawing for every referral.
Draw the winner at a sales meeting and have wholesaler take you and winner to dinner
(within corporate guidelines).
• Grab Bags: Get trinkets from Strategic Alliance-movie tickets, Starbuck’s gift cards, and
other fun stuff— and fill a grab bag with them. For every referral within a specified time
period, give the referrer an opportunity to reach in the grab bag and pull out a prize.
• Breakfast of Champions: Set up an ongoing monthly/quarterly breakfast of your
top referrers and managers. Have a small recognition ceremony for them. Also, invite
wholesalers, as appropriate, to give sales presentations to your team.
•Referral BINGO: Financial center employees receive tokens for each referral. First
BINGO winner gets a prize.

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